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  For Jessica, lost to Cornual Ectopic pregnancy at 13 weeks, April 25, 2003

In Memory of Our Babies in Virginia


We tried so hard for so long just to have you taken away from us.  We'll never forget our first little blessing.
August 6, 2004
Mom and Dad
For April
Lost to a Tubal Pregnancy
August 22, 2001
I yearn to see you one day in Heaven.
My precious "Angel".
We know we will see you one day in heaven until that day Jesus will take care of you.
Run and play with the angels.
Love Daddy, Mommy, Michael, Allana, and Madisyn
Baby Dorsett
Lost August 6, 2007
due to Ectopic Pregnancy
Sweet baby of ours, we want you to know you are loved beyond limits.
Only God knows why it wasn't meant to be. We will carry you in our hearts forever.
Loving You Always
Mom & Dad
I named you Story because I knew you had an awesome story to tell. The world was not ready for your story yet, God wanted you with him. So this memorial is for you my beloved sweet baby Story Reams...even though you never made it Mommy and Daddy will always love and remember you, you will always be my Story.
John Mary Thomas,
we will never forget you.
We never got to hold you or see you but we know that we will one day see your sweet face in Heaven.
Mama and Daddy
You were the spring in our
step from the moment we found
out you'd be joining our lives.
Hard to believe that so much love could grow in just 16 short weeks. God only knows why your life
was so short...we only know that you left a mark on our hearts that will never be erased.
Our baby...our son...our greatest gift...we will see you someday and will cherish the chance to hold you at last. Watch over us my angel.
Matthew Jay Goode
October 13, 2006
To Baby Malachi sent home on 8/24/07
Most people only dream of angels yet I am so blessed to have held mine in my arms. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and long for you.
We love you- - -
After we got married, we left it to God to decide when we got pregnant, it happened so quick. I knew I was pregnant with you baby for 10 days before you were taken from me. not sure why God chose you and me, but I fell in love with you from the start.
In memory of "Ava", my dear baby. I love you and always will. Sleep now and till we meet again.
With much love,
Mommy Janet and Daddy Rob
It may be hard for people to understand how you can love someone so much who was never really here in the first place. I cry for not being able to see your face, kiss your tummy or wrap your tiny fingers around mine. I cry for what could have been if my body had moved you along just a tiny bit more. Though I only knew about you a short time- I already loved you more than I loved myself.
Forever and Always, Mommy
We waited so long for you but only God knows why it was not meant to be. We only knew we were with you a short time and were still in amazement that we were pregnant. Mommy and Daddy know that you are with God. He needed you more.
The technician just referred to you as a "cluster of cells" but I knew that it was so much more.  It was the first time WE ever had OUR cells together.  You were in my left ovarian tube and not meant to he held in my arms, but I think of you often.  I wonder who you would have been.  March 11, 2011
Such hope, for a few weeks. And then Hope was gone. You, my baby, are mourned and missed.
You are the second I will never know due to a defect of my body. I am so sorry, little one.
I weep for your life.
The thought of you turned our world upside and now the thought of not having you has done the same. We'll never forget you, my precious baby.

I love you forever...Caleb Michael
I was always told pregnancy would be something I would never have without In Vitro. So, for me to have not one but four positive pregnancy tests I was a mixture of emotions. But, that soon changed and I was sure you were a gift from my late mother (she died 6 months ago). It was short lived but I was so excited to be a mommy....My only wish is that you are now in heaven with my mom, and I know she will take the best care of you.
For our baby, lost to an
Ectopic Pregnancy
September 22, 2012.
Mommy and Daddy love you so much and can't wait to meet you someday.
I have loved you from the first moment and will always love you. I know you are in heaven watching over me. You will never be forgotten.
October 18th, 2012
Lost to Ectopic Pregnancy
 at 8 weeks.
What a shock you were, my little Sadie. You were going to be my October baby and the boss of the bunch. Miss you already but know you're with your brother and one day I'll get to squeeze you both. <3 U
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