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  For Jessica, lost to Cornual Ectopic pregnancy at 13 weeks, April 25, 2003

In Memory of Our Babies in Texas



Mama will always love Baby Girl


For Baby Price
We only knew for a day about you. though we will never get to hold you in our arms we have the eternal hope that we will see you in heaven and know that you have forever changed our lives.
Love , Mommy, Daddy,& Big Sister December 22, 2004

As I struggle to write these words, itís so hard for me to do, because I never thought this would happen to me. I was so surprised when I find out I was pregnant, I felt sad, happy, and very excited to hear the news. I have wanted you for a long period of time in my young life. I guess God wanted you more than me. Youíll be in a much better place. My grandmother Charlene, who is your Great Grand Mother, is holding you and I know that you are being well taken care of with Charlene and God. Itís sad for me and hard, because I do love you and will always love you. Some day weíll be together again until then my grandmother Charlene and God will provide all of your needs. I wonder what sex you are, what color hair you have, and if your hair is curly or what? There are so many thoughts that run across my mind.
I love you baby (Miracle) and will always will.
Love mommy,


For My precious Sebastian
who we lost due to a
Tubal Pregnancy.
March 22,2004
You were a piece of heaven GOD could not be without and took you back home. I love and think of you always.




In Loving Memory of
Shyanne Rose Sanchez
lost at 8 weeks
 due to Tubal Pregnancy
I will always love and miss you!


To my little Molly Rose,
although we never met,
I loved you from the start.

In Memory of our Son and Brother Julias Angel Vallejo
born and passed on July 1, 2007.
 Julias passed away from an abrupted placenta at 35 weeks weighing 4lbs 10oz and 18 1/2 in. long. 
We will forever MISS you and LOVE you
In Our Hearts Always,
Mom, Dad, Christopher, Elysa, Julian, Jillian


Haleigh Elise Sheppard
would have been
born Jan 27 2007.
Was lost to an Ectopic Pregnancy July 12th 2006.
You would have been my first born baby, and you're always in my heart!!!!!!!!!!!




Our sweet baby. We miss you.
We only knew about you for two days. Your daddy and I were so excited. Then we were told that you would not make it. It broke our hearts. Your daddy and I haven't been able to sleep for the past few weeks. Your big brother and sister miss you too. We hope we will get to love and meet you in heaven.
You left us on March 23, 2006.
Love your Mama and Daddy, and Riley, and Michael
I didn't know I was pregnant
until my tube burst and ended
in the hospital.  When I was told that I was pregnant
I remember your dad and I looking at each other in amazement
and I felt a rush of happiness
only to be told that it was an
Ectopic Pregnancy.  I felt so sad,
I think of you often and miss u, even though I didn't get to see u, I see u in my heart
In Memory of My baby I lost due to Tubal Pregnancy.
I love you hunny your big sister would have loved to have you around but I guess God needed you more.
You are up there with Grandpa and I know y'all are having a great time.
Just remember your Mommy and big sister and Daddy love you very much and wished we could have spent time with you.
I found out I was pregnant on Sept 29, 2007. My hcg was low at the Dr's office but doubled like it should. When I went in for my US I had the worst feeling and it was shortly confirmed that there was no baby found in the uterus. We tried the methotrexate but I ruptured on Oct 24 and had emergency surgery to save my life. My EDD was May 30. I waited so long to finally get pregnant only to have the dream snatched away so quickly. I'll never forget you.
In memory of our 1st baby...
We lost due to a tubal pregnancy.
We waited so long to
have you, and now you are in the safe arms of GOD!
We miss you...
To my dear precious baby. I do not know if you were a boy or a girl, but you were so wanted. We lost you to an ectopic pregnancy on 4/29/08, and I still miss you and what could have been. Your daddy and I were devastated the day we lost you. I just pray that you are happy and are getting to know all your relatives up there. I cannot wait to meet you and finally get to hold you. The eight weeks that you were with me were so special. I could feel you inside me and I would talk to you. We were already starting to form such an amazing bond. I hope that you remember my voice and know that your daddy and I so loved you. Your daddy is an amazing person and he truly helped me through everything. He would have done anything to make sure you were okay. You would have loved having him as your dad. I just hope in my own special way that you are watching over us both and getting to know us from afar. There was so much that I wanted to teach you and show you here on earth, but I guess it will be me who will be learning from you one day. I love you dearly and miss you everyday. I can't wait to meet you! Watch over us and get to know us. We will see you one day!
I love you so much baby.



To my baby,
Mommy, daddy, and Jenni will always love you. God needed another pair of wings, and we hope to see you one day.
Love Mommy and daddy
Micah Coen Pedersen
December 23, 2007
Taken before we could know Him,
But not before we could love Him.
To our first, we were so excited to meet you. I am so sad that we will never get to meet you and hold you. We wish you were here to meet your younger cousin! You are forever in my thoughts little bean.
My angel - always loved .. never forgotten. Your mom and dad wished for you and your sisters waited for you. Though my eyes never saw you, my heart held onto you for as long as it could. Never wanting to let go (first laparoscopy 3/21/09 - no product of conception removed) ... you were taken after a second surgery (4/1/09 - tube and you were taken along with my last chance of having a baby again).

Gone to soon, before I could experience what would have been the best journey of my life...... Miss you and I can not wait until God Bless me with another chance to be a mother....
Amor meo,

When I found out I was pregnant with you I was scared and confused.  You would have been my fourth baby and your father's 1st.I am sorry that you did not make it, but you will always be in my heart.  God felt that you were special so he took you to a better place and left us here to grieve.  One day we will be together but you are with your grandmother Gonzalez Daddy said she was wonderful so stay close to her till we meet love you. Mommy.



On July 13, 2010.. what would of been our future Madalyn or Marshall, went to GOD. Although we never got to hear a heart beat or see our precious first child, I will always have a connection with this one. Mommy and Daddy love you.
In Loving Memory of our sweet angel we lost to Ectopic 7/30/10.
We wanted you so very badly and your daddy was thrilled to find out we were expecting. I guess God needed you more in Heaven than we did on earth.
We love you and miss you and will never forget you our sweet angel baby.
Though we never got to hold you..
we loved you very much!
In Memory of our son
Manuel Isai Moreno Garcia
August 2008
Nuestro hijo Manuel Isai Moreno Garcia, esta ahora en los brazos de Dios un angelito dansando en el reino de Dios Te Quieremos Hijo Mama Y Papa
Mommy and Daddy love you with all that we are and we pray that God takes care of you until we see you again.
Baby Swan, lost to
Ectopic Pregnancy
March 20, 2011
at 6wks 5days.


Dear baby,
Although we don't know whether you were a girl or boy, we lost you at 7 weeks. It is the Friday before Mother's day weekend, and you were due on April 11, I am truly saddened. I try to take comfort in knowing that I will see you again in Heaven one day. You had an anxious older sister waiting on your arrival as well. You are truly missed and not a day goes by that I don't think of you.
Always in my heart,
Love Mommy, Daddy, and Big Sister
To our Beautiful Baby Girl
Josephine Elisabeth Vasquez
(7 weeks)
Who was lost to a
Cornual Ectopic Pregnancy
 June 1,2011
Your daddy and I were so happy when we found out you were growing inside me. Even if it was for a brief moment, I was able to feel your warmth and hear your tiny heart beating. I know that our Blessed Mother Mary is holding you closely, just as I prayed. You gave your sweet life, so that I could be here today. A tiny soul with a huge heart. I love you my beautiful daughter. I wait for the day to hold you and caress your sweet face.
My love for you is endless,
I would have been 8 months pregnant with you Baby, but unfortunately I lost you, I remember you a lot, I had also named you as Avishai...
Love you always...
To my beautiful baby. .I hate the fact knowing my body took u away from us, but I know u went peacefully and there's no suffering any more. ill never forget u and will always love you. In memory of Castillo baby... ((7/17/2011))
Our first baby lost to an
Ectopic Pregnancy
8/31/2011 :(
You should be here with us Amy Mili and Otto, but God has another plan for you. I know that you are always next to me, and next to my heart. I love you so much. I will never forget that you made me the happiest person in the world. Amy Mili, Otto my angels
your mother loves you.
God took you too soon. You were wanted so badly but we'll meet one day.
Mommy, Daddy, Kaleb and Nathan (your big brothers)
Jaxton Cooper Reed McCormick
"Planted on earth
to grow in Heaven"
February 20th 2012
Psalms 139:13&14
Angel Olivarez

You changed my life forever. You were my first child. We tried for 15 months to have you, but we quickly learned that you were too precious for Earth.

Daddy and I knew you for only 10 days but you still made such a huge impact in our lives. I sang to you until the day you were taken away to be with Jesus. I find comfort that I will see you one day in the heaven's above.

Until then, I will always think of you and you will forever be in our hearts. You were our first baby, our first love and our first angel.

Angel Olivarez was an Ectopic Pregnancy. 7 weeks implanted in the fallopian tube.

Birthdate would have been March 14, 2013.

Love Always,

Mom (Virginia), Dad (Patrick), dogs and cat, Duke, Dove, Dago, and Gato

Our precious angel we will always miss you and have you
in our hearts, but I know you are with God.
Austin Hunter
Born: January 23, 2012
Estimated due date:
September 5, 2012
Though I'll never hold you in my arms, I'll always hold you in my heart.


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