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  For Jessica, lost to Cornual Ectopic pregnancy at 13 weeks, April 25, 2003
In Memory of Our Babies in the
Our angel...after almost 7 years of waiting for you, you came into our lives...for the short span of time you've been inside me, your dad and I were so happy...it's a sad a thing that you have to leave us that soon...I know you're watching over me and your dad...please guide us, help us to pray to give you a sibling...we love you so much our angel...
Rayn, Edle, and Thirdee you will always be missed...Mommy
My baby is about 9 to 10 weeks old. I call him baby angel boy...coz that's the name given by his sister...irregardless of his gender...I talk to him since the day I knew he's inside my womb...I love him very much...he's the baby I never get to hold in my arms and kiss....yet I vividly remember his looks when I saw him for the first time...I know we will meet someday...and we will never let go...no one can relate to what I feel...not even his father...rest assured baby...mommy's always here...
For our little angel, lost to a Tubal Pregnancy, he's a special gift to us specially to his father when we found out we have him, but unfortunately we lost him during his fathers bday, we have him for only 8 weeks but in that short time he made us feel very happy and that's what important though it was really devastating of losing him on
 June 4,2005
on his fathers bday.....
Angela Oquendo
lost to Ectopic Pregnancy
at 8 weeks
I'm very sorry that you have to go through all of this, even though I never had the chance to take care of you, hold you or even speak to you. I feel very lucky and blessed that God gave you to me.
I waited so long to have you, that even in a short period of time, you made me the happiest person in the world. And for that, I could not ask for more.
I know in time we will see each other again, it may not be today or in this life, but know that I will always be waiting for the day that God will give you back to me.
I love you very very much.
Mom and Dad
I love you eternally
Ectopic Pregnancy
7 weeks 6/7 days
November 29, 2012
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