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  For Jessica, lost to Cornual Ectopic pregnancy at 13 weeks, April 25, 2003

In Memory of Our Babies in New York


In loving memory of my beautiful angel lost to an Ectopic Pregnancy.
May 21, 2004
Baby Trietley, lost due to an Ectopic Pregnancy on September 13, 2994.
Mommy and Daddy will always love you and we wish you were here.
To my unborn child
Loss due to Ectopic Pregnancy
November 29th 2005
I will hold you in heaven my little love. I am sorry we didn't have time here on earth to share. I promise I will never forget you!
So wanted, never to be forgotten.
Baby Pellicano
Lost to a Cornual Ectopic
at 7 weeks 4 days
April 25th 2006
In loving memory of
Nicholas Joachim Hickman
Born, baptized and died:
August 16, 2006
Survived by Mom, Dad and 9 brothers and sisters... We can't wait to see you in Heaven!
To my unborn child
Loss due to Ectopic Pregnancy
February 27, 2008
I know when I'm tired, and God calls me home
I now know I won't be alone
My arms will hold you for eternity
My angel waiting patiently
I love you.
MARCH 30TH, 2008
June 13th, 2005. I had to have my ruptured right tube removed. I don't know if it was a boy or girl but I had a strong feeling it was a boy. I would have named him Andrew David or if it would have been a girl she would be Isabella Anne. He/she would have been loved so much! My heart aches for what should have been!
I love you baby!
In memory of our Little Angel, Baby Centeno, Lost Due to an Ectopic Pregnancy at 7 weeks
June 8, 2008
I will miss so much.  But I know you are safe in Heaven.
Love Always, Mom and Dad.
Con mucho AMOR y Cariño para Nuestro bebe.
Siempre te recordaremos y nos duele que no te allas quedado con nosotros.
Noviembre 30, 2008
To Our Little Angel Who We Were Soo Happy To Know Was On The Way!
Baby Lucas
Ectopic Pregnancy
Found at 61/2 weeks on 6/13/07.
We Will Always Think of You As Our 1st Baby!
Love Mommy & Daddy!!
On June 29th 2009 I lost my second child to a Ectopic Pregnancy. I named you Jorden.  I told you that I loved you and I'm sorry for what has happened. I know that you are in heaven with God. I will see you when my time is up on earth I will never forget you.  Jorden you will always be my second child. when your brother gets older he will know that you are in heaven. people tell me that your not a baby but I tell them you have a heart beat so that makes you not a living being. They have nothing to say. I love you and miss you I will see you in Heaven.
My baby was conceived 1 month after our wedding. At 6 1/2 weeks after much debate, question & many ultrasounds we finally agreed to the surgery. Her big sister waited 8 years for her. She is missed more than I could have ever imagined. I thank God for my little angel.
Yasmin Marie Turhan- I miss you so much you would of been 4 months old Mommy and Daddy miss you so much you were my happiness and joy nothing in this world could ever make me as happy as you made me. I await for you to come back.~
Your name was Skyler Granville you were taken away from us Nov.16 2009 your due date would have been in August 2010 you were the second love of our life, and just as fast as we fell madly in love with you, you were snatched away from us, I heard your heart beat and wept your father couldn't believe the bad news, we will always remember your 15 weeks of life and also your sibling short life (Mar.14,2009 4 week old Ectopic), both of you mean so much to us and you will always be apart of us ! You will finally be laid to rest in May 2010 we love you Skyler.
Max Martinez-Guzman, You will forever be in our hearts and will never be missed. We will see you on the other side baby.
Love, Mommy, Daddy and Emma-Bemma
Lost Sep. 2005...
I didn't know you existed until you were lost, but you will forever be a part of my heart.
To my first child,

you were sent to me as a gift from God,

but he needed you sooner than we expected.

Although I didn't get to meet you, I pray night and day for the chance to hold you.....

Love your Mommy

Baby Mac#3, you were a bit of a surprise to us but we were thrilled to know our family would be growing. Your due date would have been April 2013. At 7 weeks we lost you to Ectopic Pregnancy. You will forever be in our hearts and a part of our family. We love you. Love, Mommy Daddy and your 2 Big Sisters.
I love you with all my heart and soul.
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