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  For Jessica, lost to Cornual Ectopic pregnancy at 13 weeks, April 25, 2003


In Memory of Our Babies in Indiana



In Loving Memory
of my First Sweet Granddaughter
I never got to hold;
lost to Ruptured Ectopic Pregnancy
at 8 weeks and 2 days
December 7, 2005
Love to the Mommy and Daddy who made it through the hard time.
Love you Oceans and Rivers
Even though we didn't get to meet, I Love You and will never forget you!

We had been trying for months to get pregnant and from the moment I found out I was I loved you with all of my heart. I am so sorry I will never have the chance to watch you grow. You will forever always be in my heart.
In Feb of 2007 I found out I was pregnant and it ended up being a Tubal pregnancy. I had to have it surgically removed. It was my first pregnancy.


To our beloved one. You are child of our heart as are your sisters here on earth.
My little Darling. You appeared just a short while in my thoughts. We prayed you would be a miracle and hoped you would manifest eight months later. You were loved, but now your in a place where love is everlasting. August 31, you were removed from my body, but someday we will be reunited by the true body in heaven forever.
Even though I was only there with you for a short while Mommy, know that I'm up in heaven with Grandma playing and keeping her company and we both are looking down on you and Daddy and my big sister Skyler always watching and being your guardian angels and know that I love you Mommy and Daddy and one day you will hold me in your arms and tell me how much you love me even though I already know Mommy.
In memory of mommy and daddy's little Marine.
We love you and wish we would be able to hold you December 28th, 2012, but alas, you are in Heaven looking down on us. We cant wait till the day till we can hold you in our arms.
Dear baby,
 you were removed from me Sept. 11, 2012
and along with my right tube and I wish you were still here... Love Mommy and Daddy.



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