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  For Jessica, lost to Cornual Ectopic pregnancy at 13 weeks, April 25, 2003

In Memory of Our Babies in England


Baby Karakis Kockoz
Lost to Ruptured Ectopic Pregnancy at
7 Weeks 4 Days
June 1, 2003
Lost 3 Babes to Ectopic at 8 weeks
July 1997
Never forgotten always in my heart.
In memory of my little angel taken from me March 18, 2004
due to ectopic pregnancy at 7 weeks.
You will always be my little angel.
Love and miss you.
Mummy xxxxxx
My first baby taken away from me before I had a chance to hold you. 

I will remember you always,

Love Mummy

Baby Garnett
Lost to Ectopic Pregnancy at 7 weeks.  Missed to much we are so sad this has happened.
Love always,
Mummy, Daddy, Ashley, Bradley and Gabrielle xxx
I think about you everyday and always will..
Love Mummy xxx
Baby lost through miscarriage at 7 weeks on July 2, 2003. 
Baby lost through Ectopic Pregnancy at 6 weeks on September 21, 2004.
Our Angel Dominic Leslie Reeson
Born 24th April 2004 at 8:20am to Potters Syndrome.
A day never goes by without thinking of you.  We miss you but know that we shall be reunited in heaven one day and will be able to spend eternity together.
Love for always and forever,
Mummy & Daddy


Baby Benson
lost at 10 weeks
Ectopic Pregnancy.
We never met you but will always love you.
7 November 2004




Damien James Kinnersley
Lost 09.09.2004
We wanted you so very much
We didn't want to let you go
We will always love you
We will never forget you
Mom and Dad


It just doesn't feel right. You were due today and the ache hasn't diminished in fact it gets worse. I remain positive in trying to conceive and I know that one day we will have a baby, but I will never ever forget you. I will never ever forget how it felt to carry you, how it felt to know you were there inside me. I will never forget.
Baby Q
20th January 2006
you were due today.
We think about you every single day, but today, today is the hardest. We don't know why, we don't understand why we only had you for such a short time, but we all loved you for that brief time and we all ache for you.
We will never ever forget you.

I never knew a heart could be broke in minutes.

I tried for 5 years for my little spud but things went wrong but I haven't gave up hope and I'll keep on trying.

To our baby lost
at 7 weeks to
Ectopic Pregnancy.
You will forever be in our hearts. x

To the one who was wanted so much.
I will never know if you were to be called Lily-May or Jamie!
Many tears have been shed and will continue.
Mum's know best though!
R.I.P. ma little angel that
I lost through an
Ectopic Pregnancy
I didn't get to see but I will one day Love Mummy xxx
10 wks 3 days,
We love you so much, You will always be in our hearts.
God bless sweet heart. We'll miss you.
Love Mum, Dad and Jo Jo (Brother) xxx


I lost my angel at 7wk you will never be forgotten baby

Brooke/Lucas Perkins
Ectopic Pregnancy 20/06/2009
I'm sorry that mommy couldn't save you. I hope to be with you again one day. Nanny Jean will hold you now til we meet. All our love, eternally, your ever loving mommy and daddy and Connor and Olivia xxx

We waited so long for you only to have you taken away so quickly although I never met you I will always love you!

Mummy x x x

God bless you Morgan who got taken away from us at 6 weeks old. We will never know you but know that we both love you always and can not wait to meet you in Heaven one day.
To baby Reidy
We lost you at 8 weeks, Mammy and Daddy love you so much and wish you could be here, you should have been born in May but we know Grandma is looking after you.
We'll never forget you, our first baby
Baby Pullin
taken from us at
10 weeks pregnant
due to Ruptured Ectopic
On Monday 26th October 2009.
Not a day goes by that I don't think of you baby.


Love you forever my little angel who I never got to know, 6 weeks I carried you but they are 6 weeks I will never forget.
Love Mommy, Daddy and big sister Alyssa xxx
In loving memory of the babies I never got to meet.

My beautiful twins lost to Ectopic Pregnancy 17-7-09

Mommy loves you both very much


For our beautiful baby lost to
Ectopic Pregnancy
September 3rd 2010.
Though my body was unable to carry you, my heart will carry you 'till the end of time. A Mothers Love never forgets, xoxoxoxo
To my special baby my precious star, you, l always be with me, I will never forget or replace you love Mummy xxxx <3
11 years we waited for the happiest day of lives to arrive that we where finally expecting you.
Your daddy had a nick name for you from day 1 baby bubbles he would proudly say as he kissed you in my tummy then cruelly we were told at your scan that unfortunately you were healthy just in the wrong place our hearts broken we had no choice but to say goodbye :( we love and miss you every second of everyday and will never forget that you where once apart of us.
Love u Bubbles Xxx hope to meet one day xxX
Praying for a miracle
Love mummy and daddy xxx

My dear baby boy, you just wern't meant for this world...
Think of you every day, wonder what you would have looked like?...the fun days we would have had together....
Went to sleep on
18 December 1982
You are an angel in heaven now...1 day I will get to hold you....gone but never forgotten
Love you always
Mummy xxxxx
I know I was only blessed to carry you for a little time but in that short time I loved you and enjoyed carrying you inside me, I'm sorry it had to end this way but I know we will meet
again some day,
love from Mummy xxxx

Baby Charlie
 I never held you but I felt you, I never knew you but I love you. I know we will meet one day
but until then you're just a beautiful memory,
I love you always and forever xxxx
To our baby Amoure who never made it into our arms ....... we were so happy when we found out we were having you, and was so very sad when you were taken from us..........

I think about you every single day and can not see the light at the end of the tunnel

we lost you at 9 weeks to an
EP and for that im sorry

All Our Love

Mummy & Daddy


We found out we were having you and by the end of that day we knew we had to let you go as you were growing in the wrong place ....... I just pray that you are up there with Amour who we lost to an EP 13 weeks ago ....... both my babies will never be forgotton you were both very much wanted, I love you both all our love
Mummy & Daddy xxxx

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