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  For Jessica, lost to Cornual Ectopic pregnancy at 13 weeks, April 25, 2003

In Memory of Our Babies in Canada


Lost to Miscarriage
Ashley Marie
Lost to Ectopic Pregnancy
August 1, 1991
Joel Adrian
Lost to Ectopic Pregnancy
March 8, 2002
We love you and miss what could have been...
Love Always,
You were my first and I loved you with all my heart and soul.  I still love you and will always carry you in my heart.
Lost to Tubal Pregnancy
May 15, 1997
You will be remembered by all who loved you, especially your mommy and daddy.
I know you are with God and Grandma and they are taking good care of you. You were my second little angel.
Tubal Pregnancy
February 7, 1998
In memory of our loving daughter Faith
May 20, 2003
For one brief night, I knew you were in me.  For one brief night, I was excited with the possibility.
My first, my surprise, my little one I'll never know...
Partially Ruptured Ectopic Pregnancy
June 11, 2004
Our precious little angels-
"Baby Hart's"
Lost to Miscarriage
January 5, 2003
Lost to Ectopic Pregnancy
June 26, 2004
Our little ones - We miss you so much...you will be in our hearts forever.  xoxoxoxo
Love Always,
Mommy & Daddy
To my Precious Babies whom I never got a chance to hold.
Lost to a Miscarriage
April 29, 2004
Lost to Ectopic
May 25, 2004
Till we meet in Heaven, take care and God Bless.
Mummy and Daddy
My son, Braydon, was taken from us on May 12, 2004.  Though our time together was short and only 8 weeks.  You gave your father and I much unexpected joy.  Please keep him safe, and fly with the angels.
In loving memory of Baby Piggott who was lost to an Ectopic Pregnancy April 16, 2004 but living in mommy's heart ever since. 
You will always be my little angel.
Love and miss you,
Baby Stephenson
Lost to Ectopic Pregnancy
September, 2000
Baby Stephenson
Lost to Ectopic Pregnancy
September 16, 2003
We didn't know of you until we were losing you. But you are always in our hearts and thoughts.
Mommy, Daddy
and your brother Ty
For our 2 little angels,
You will always be a part of our hearts and souls. We love you.
First Angel; 5 weeks, Sept 30, 2004
Second Angel; 7 weeks, Jan 17, 2005
I wanted you as my babies, but have you as guardian angels,
Lost to Miscarriage @ 13 weeks
October 31, 2004
Lost to ruptured Ectopic
April 2005
Always loved, never to be forgotten
To Dax Darnell Johnstone,
who implanted as Cornual Ectopic, and was lost to us
October 26, 2001.
We love you and miss you.
Mommy, Daddy and twin brother Zac.
To our precious little baby that we never got to hold,
Lost to Ectopic Pregnancy
November 9, 2006
You will be loved and held in our hearts forever!!!
In memory of are small angel
Vincet Thomas
lost to Ectopic Pregnancy
July 2, 2003,
you play with your sister Emma in heaven till we meet again
Love Mommy.
To Christopher, Rebecca and Baby Howard:
All lost to Ectopic Pregnancies.
How do you love someone so much you never met?
I think of you everyday and will never stop grieving your loss.
In memory of baby#3 who was unborn due to an
Ectopic Pregnancy
8 weeks,
May 6th, 2008
I just want my babies to know I miss them very much, love them more than I thought I could love and wish I had the chance to see their beautiful faces.
To the twins I never knew that
I was having.
One Ectopic and one in my Uterus.
Doctors results told me I was not pregnant. On Sept 5/08 at 9 weeks, emergency surgeons removed my left fallopian tube due to being Ectopic. The baby in the uterus had also died by this time. Neither baby ever had a chance.
To our Angel Babies - we will never forget you.
Angel Baby lost February 26, 2006 to ruptured Ectopic Pregnancy
Angel Baby lost September 6, 2008 to Ectopic Pregnancy
We know you are safe in the arms of Jesus and he will hold you until we get to see you in Heaven.
Lots of love,
Mama, Daddy & big sister Emily
Baby Angel will be missed. Rob Joy & big sisters 2008
My first lost grandchild,
October 2006,
2nd lost grandchild,
July 2007,
finally a burst ectopic pregnancy.
3 precious lives who were hopes and dreams. God bless you among the angels. Your momma misses you so much and so wanted each of you. I loved you so much too, from Nookmis...xoxox
Jer 1:5 Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, [and] I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.
JANUARY 7, 2009
For my sweet babies:
Ashton - lost to Chemical Pregnancy on February 13, 2009 (5 weeks),
Rowan - lost to Ectopic Pregnancy on May 29, 2009 (7 weeks).
Two losses too many. Very much wanted and loved, no matter how small.

Letter to my Child

We never met, but we miss you so.

We are your parents and are mourning the day we lost the opportunity to know you... to show you our love... and to feel yours.

We wonder what you could have been - how your life would have been, who you would have looked like.. your favourite colour, your sense of humour - if we'd be blessed with a wonderful boy or girl.

We wanted to give you the world - to be the best parents to you. To achieve everything you wanted to in life. To live everyday as a gift.

Now our wishes are more simpler - the wish that you could have had your first breath... see your face... to hold you just once.

God has made you an angel before we ever met. We know there are bigger plans for you.

Look over us and check in on us from time to time. As the years go by, we will always remember and will keep an empty seat at the dinner table for you. There will always be a missing piece in our family.

You are our first child. We miss you terribly and love you so.


Dad & Mom

To the spirit of "Little One" may you rest in peace. Thank-you for the lessons you have taught me.
To my little ones--
"Reegan"- I lost early in Miscarriage,
and "Christian" I lost to an Ectopic Pregnancy near Christmas.
Never to be forgotten
Love Mommy
To Little Baby whom we quickly grew to love and will always think about:

Little Baby, you came into our lives

and brought us so much joy.

Too quickly the doctors had to take you,

bringing tears and pain to our souls.

Back to Heaven you are set to go but know that here on Earth you are with us in our hearts, dreams and waking moments.

One day we will hold you but for now get your rest. Play with the fluffy clouds and don't mind our current sorrow.

Love from Mummy and Daddy who miss you already but have to let you go

Ectopic Pregnancy: Winter 2009

Methotrexate followed by Laparoscopy

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Tubal pregnancy at 7 weeks. My first pregnancy. I was so excited! It was not meant to be, I guess..... I will always remember you xoxo
For my little angel, always in my heart lost to a
Tubal Ectopic Pregnancy
 at 14 weeks,
December 21, 1997.
You were our first baby and I loved you with all my heart. I will always love you and carry you in my heart.
Lost to a Tubal at 10 weeks..
You are now my angel. (kisses)
Miscarriage -1/2/2002
Miscarriage 5/6/2004
Miscarriage - 8/7/2005
Daughter born
2 months early 03/07/ 2006
Ectopic Pregnancy- 2/4/2010
My Little Miracle who was taken from us on
April 4th 2011
due to Ectopic Pregnancy
7 1/2 weeks.
Mommy and Daddy will always love you and we will never forget you. Until we see you in heaven. You will always remain in our hearts.
To my beautiful baby, lost to a ruptured Ectopic,
January 19th 2011.
I love you and will hold you in heaven.
I miss all you could have been.
Love Mommy
To my love and my life. The baby that took flight with the stars above.
June 2nd, 2007.
 Always be in mommy and daddy’s hearts until we come join you in heaven above. Rest peacefully.
I never got a chance to hold you in my arms and tell you how much I love you. I miss you, I think about you everyday.
Little baby Wedholm
Born June 8th 2008
12 weeks
Speak of you always, wish I had the chance to hold your hand. forever in our hearts! Mommy and Daddy
In memory of my little one...I know your in heaven with your grandfather who loves you very much!
Mommy and Daddy will always love you and remember you until we see each other in heaven.
I lost my would be second baby at 8 wks by Miscarriage and my would be third at two weeks by Ectopic. I have no idea when this sadness will end but I will never ever forget you both. Your 4 year old sister is still waiting for you...
In Memory of Faith lost to Ectopic Pregnancy.
<3 In our hearts forever
Nate & Chris
You were a long awaited surprise and you will forever be in our hearts.
Love Mommy, Daddy and big sister Peyton
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