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  For Jessica, lost to Cornual Ectopic pregnancy at 13 weeks, April 25, 2003

In Memory of Our Babies in California


Sweet Baby Connor
Lost to Ectopic Pregnancy at
12 Weeks
April 16, 2003
We miss what could have been.
Mommy and Daddy
Grace Elizabeth
Lost at 8 Weeks
October 10, 2003
We'll never forget...
Mommy and Daddy
To my child that I never had the opportunity to meet:
Indiia Marie White
You are forever in our hearts...
Mommie and Daddie
Baby Lopez lost due to an Ectopic Pregnancy at about 7 weeks on September 11, 2004.
You will be loved forever by your Mommy, Daddy and two big brothers.
On March 10, 2005
I lost my second baby to a ruptured Ectopic Pregnancy.
We will love you and miss you forever. Someday we will get to meet it is just going to take a little longer than we expected.
Love your Mommy
In Loving Memory of
Britanya Castellon
She is with the angels now.  We will always have her in our hearts love. Mommy and Daddy
To my dearest surprise... taken away too soon.
Lost to Ectopic Pregnancy
August 2006
My sweet little baby, I never knew you were, but God himself knew, why he took you away was part of his plan I know this now and understand. One day I will hold you and know your name, until then your memory will always remain.
I am so sorry I couldn't do
anything to save
Our "Miracle"
Our 7 Week Baby
One day we will see you in heaven
We Love You
For Baby 'JJ' Brewer- lost after 6 short wks. inside me...sweetie you are so loved!
Till we meet again... Mommy
Ectopic 04-05-07
Lost My precious gift due to an Ectopic Pregnancy!
7 weeks almost 8
I will always love you and I miss you so much my chilly willy, you will always live in my heart forever and I know that you are in heaven living on.
You are always going to be missed by Mommy and Daddy.  Rest in peace my beautiful angel July 30, 2007.
Always love Mommy and Daddy
To our precious angels we will never get to meet here on earth.
Lost to Miscarriage
February 15, 2005.
Lost to Ectopic Pregnancy
March 18, 2005.
We love you very much and will never forget you. You are in our prayers.
Love, Mommy, Daddy, Big Brother and extended family.
You have given me courage little one and softened my soul.
Thank you for giving me the hope that exists.
For Rafael Joaquin,
our little angel, lost to
Ectopic Pregnancy
at 10 weeks,
January 9, 2008
We love you very much
Daddy and Mommy
Baby Semillo
Our very own guardian angel!
Love your mommy and daddy
To my baby Gonzales: Even though we never had a chance to meet you, we love you and miss you everyday
Love your Mommie and Daddy
To my baby boy I never met, lost due to an Ectopic Pregnancy at 7 weeks:
I love you sweetie and always think of you. I know you're in a better place, and hope that one day we meet again.
Forever you will be missed Eduardo. I'm sorry you had to die for me to survive.
:( RIP 4/18/09
Unnoticed ruptured Tubal Ectopic Pregnancy
Baby Heaven
 lost due to Ectopic left tube
 in Oct 2004.
Baby Faith lost due to another Ectopic Apr 2009.
My Angel Baby
To the baby that I carried
But never seen your eyes
Or tell you how much I loved you
Or ever to hear your cries.
You will never be forgotten
The excitement we had for your coming.
When I realized I'd never hold you,
The feeling I had was numbing.
My angel baby is who you are.
My angel baby you'll always be.
Your loving memory will live in my heart
So you will always be right here with me.
-Lori Jager All
From the moment we knew we were pregnant we loved this baby. His name is Alex. We wish we could have seen him grow up but God had a better plan. We will always love our baby and we can't wait to see him in heaven.
Baby Avelar
Lost 7/2008
We will always remember you.
You are always in our hearts.
Mommy, Daddy and Brother.
We were so ready to add you to our family. I love you, daddy loves you and your Big brother loves you too!
Our Angel...conceived 8/25/09...
diagnosed as Ectopic 10/6/09.
Baby Amaro,6 weeks in you are LOVED forever in mommy and daddy's heart.
Even though we never met you were loved and you will be missed very much.
Our Andy tadpole, we didn't know you yet but we loved you.
Lost to Ectopic Pregnancy
at 6 weeks.
Surgery Jan. 23 2010
I wish I could kiss you or even give you a tender hug. My heart is crying inside. Even though I am so sad, we are also so blessed to have our own Angel Baby watching over us!

Kisses & Hugs

Mommy & Daddy

& Your siblings

The first one to say I'm sorry because I couldn't keep him or her, but I will always have him or her in my heart for ever. And the other three also I wished they had come to my life but God is the one that says the last word in these situations. And like the first one I say to all that I love you all and have you deep inside of me and in my heart I always remember you and would like it if you were really here.
Little Simon/Bijou, you were only inside me for 5 very short weeks and I only knew about you for one of those before Cornual Ectopic Pregnancy took you away. I am so very sorry that my body failed you. I am so very sorry that you didn't get a chance to be here in my arms. I am so very sorry that I couldn't protect you. Even though you were with me for a very short time, the way I am changed will be everlasting. I will never forget you. I will always love you.
To Jalil Frank our little miracle of joy who was taken away from us to soon on 6/4/10. We love and miss you. Love Mommy and Daddy
Our baby, we pray you are in gods memory and will awake to a new world where there will be no more pain, sickness or fear. Please sleep well darling we will see you again. We love you to the moon and back.
You have given us courage little one and softened our souls. We will always love you.
Thank you for giving me the hope that exists.
My 2 precious babies lost due both Ectopic in the right tube.
Luke 7 1/5 weeks Sep 9.2010
 Malachi 6 1/5 weeks Mar 7.2011.
 May they both be missed and Loved, Mom & Dad
Ian was and is loved.
Raven is remembered and will always be loved.
Random Woody Richards
June 3, 2011 
12 Weeks Strong
Lost To Ectopic Pregnancy
"Im Sooo Sorry My Tiny Little One"! We Didn't Get To Share Any Much Time Together But I'll Never Forget You.
While I knew you for a short time, you will have a permanent place in my heart. I love you my little angel may you rest in peace.
To Baby Lex,
Lost at 9 weeks pregnancy.
We are so sorry that we never
got to meet. We love you and miss you.
Love, Mommy, Daddy, and your big sister Ella.
Hola Santi, solo quiero decirte que te deseabamos con todo el corazon. Ahora estas con Diosito cuidandonos, eres nuestro angelito. hoy por primera vez lo acepto y deseo que seas feliz.
Santiago, te amamos. Eres un angelito que nos cuida todos los dias. Lamento no haberte conocido, pero se que este amor que te tengo desde el primer dia llega hasta donde estas.
To baby Gutierrez,
To the baby that was taken so early from us at about 14 weeks due to a ruptured
Ectopic Pregnancy.
 I know we will meet again.
Love your Mommy, Daddy and big sister Sophia
My little angel... it's been a year since I lost you, and it feels like an eternity of sorrow that I've gone through... I do know in my heart that I will see you in heaven, but right now my
dreams will have to do...
Mommy loves you.
May 14, 2011
Baby Koonce

I love you and miss you tons <3 and even though you were here with us for only a few weeks, I will never forget the happiness you brought to my life...


Abrielle Isabelle Rodriguez we lost you at 5 weeks but we will think of you always. We will see you in heaven.
You were only here for a little while 'Lil Bug but you were very much loved & will always be remembered.
Baby Safarik-Weiland...
lost to Ectopic Pregnancy...
we only knew you existed for 5 short days and then you were gone. goodbye my butterfly <3
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