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  For Jessica, lost to Cornual Ectopic pregnancy at 13 weeks, April 25, 2003

In Memory of Our Babies in Australia


In loving memory of lives that should have been.
Baby Dempster
November 4, 2002
7 weeks Ectopic Pregnancy
Baby Dempster
April 2003
10 weeks Ectopic Pregnancy
In memory of my angels who are with me in my heart every day.
Love Mummy
To my dear little Emily-Lee
lost on the 28th October  2003
21 weeks (Ectopic)
Missed forever
Love Mommy and Daddy
My beautiful angels
Loving Memory of our precious gifts, two beautiful babies
[Ovarian  Ectopic Pregnancy]
who were destined to be with GOD, until we meet again.
Lost to this world
November 1975.
Lots of love ,kisses and hugs Mummy and Daddy xxooxxoo
In July 2004 I lost baby Seth 12 weeks Ectopic he was meant to live but didn't get the chance.  The only thing he got to do was bring me and his father back together.
Now he is joined but another sad loss of Bastian our second Ectopic.  I'm so sorry my baby boys. me and daddy will always remember you and love you and we will never give up on starting a family. I'm so sorry Love always Mummy Cara
July 12th was your last day with us. U were only with us for a short while and the taken so suddenly.  I will always think about u everyday. Love Mummy
In memory of
Baby Gladwin
An angel sent to us for but a moment
Tragically taken away from us too soon
There are no words to describe my grief,
the sadness is unbearable.
May 2006
Forever in our hearts
Love Mummy and daddy xoxoxoxo
Although the world may have not been ready for you, your family was more than prepared with all our
Mummy, Daddy Brodie and Tmekah.
We will meet again.
For my two dear angels up in heaven..
Oct - 1995
Oct - 2006
Although we haven't meet yet I know one day we will.. you both hold a special place in my heart.. You will always remain innocent and never be hurt by this world and for that I am grateful.
Love Mum xoxo
Kayla Rose Farrelly
6 weeks
You are sadly missed by your mummy and daddy and we always think of you with all our love,
Mummy and Daddy and your little sister Brodie
Our lost treasures
Baby BJ
5 May 2002
7 weeks
Baby BJ
4 February 2007
6 weeks
Looking forward to being together in heaven.
Mummy and Daddy BJ
To my beautiful baby taken away from me (10weeks)
Words cannot describe how much I think/miss you everyday and think "What If"
Mummy will always love and remember you xxx
My beautiful baby
lost December 2005.
Not a day goes by
I don't think of you
Mummy and Daddy
Our dear little babies in heaven,
Baby Hancock (10 weeks)
April 2005
Baby Hancock (6 weeks)
August 2006
Not a day passes when our hearts and love aren't with you both.
Love Always Mummy, Daddy
and big sister Maddi xxx
Hancock Babies
Bub 1 lost at 10 weeks 2005
Bub 2 lost at 7 weekd 2007
2 Ectopic Pregnancies, Forever wanted never forgotten
love always Mummy, Daddy and loving sister Maddison xxxx
Hancock babies, our precious Little ones,
Lost to left tube ectopic
August 2005
Lost to right tube ectopic
April 2006
Always in our hearts ... never forgotten...
Love Mummy, Daddy and sister Maddison xxx
Baby Seth/Lillian Medley
7 weeks old lost to us 9th March 2009
Mummy and Daddy love and miss you so very much
To Our Beautiful Angel
We tried over 10 years for you.
You were our little miracle, unfortunately you were taken from us
on January 27th 2007.
You will be forever in our hearts and someday we will meet again. Spread your wings little angel.
Our Baby Eight

Taken from us on the 23/10/09

Our hearts are broken

Mummy, Daddy and Big brother Malachy Will love you forever.

I had you for such a short time and then you were gone. Two years later, I still think of you every day. I still miss you every day. I love you and miss you always.
Our beautiful baby left us in
March 2010.
You are not forgotten and we wish everyday that things had been different. For a few short hours you made us the happiest couple on the planet. Love Us xx
You were rejoiced when we learnt you had come into the world and mourned when you were lost.

Looking forward to meeting you on the other side.

In memory of my daughter's twin. Brenton you are a shining star now.
Baby Thompson
Due April 25th 2011
Ectopic 7 wks
I saw your heart beat on the scan then a few hours later you were gone, I feel so empty, so unsure, I wanted to cry. I will always love you no matter what.
In loving memory of my two beautiful angels taken
at six and a half weeks(2008)
seven and a half weeks(2010)
both in Ectopic Pregnancies.
My heart will always have a place for you and I know I will see you one day.
Sadly missed forever xox
For our 3 little ones lost.
We will remember you every time we look at the stars and see Orion's Belt with the 3 little stars all together in a row. Loved you so much and always will. xxx
I'm sorry you couldn't stay little one.  I wont forget you, my little Pip.  My baby who was loved and lost too soon.
Love From Mummy, Daddy and Xavi
For the little girl we always needed. Taken at 8 weeks from the safety of her mothers care.
Baby CM - Gone at 10 weeks.
Taken far too soon, forever in our hearts.
All our love xx
To beautiful for earth. Looking forward to reuniting one day.
To my miracle twin babies whom I never had the chance to meet- I had 6 lovely weeks with you...we all wanted you both, especially your older sister who kissed, sang
and talked to you outside my tummy often. It's so difficult to understand why you were not meant to be, but we miss you both every day and hope you know you were so loved. They say time heals all wounds but
it won't bring you back. We will never forget you both. Here's the kisses and cuddles you never got- xxxxxoooooooo
R.I.P my little baby,
I know you will come back to me in my next pregnancy.
11th September 2011
My baby sadly taken from me on Tuesday 17th January 2012.
Only 7 weeks old.
I never got to meet you but I loved you so very much. Words can not explain my pain right now. I will always love and miss you xoxoxox
****Baby Gunders****
Our much longed for first baby, taken from us September 2007 at 9 weeks. Now I carry you in my heart instead of my arms. Always loved and thought of, always in my heart.
****Baby Gunders****
Taken January 2012 at 6 weeks. Now I hold you in my heart instead of my arms. I will always love you, you will never be forgotten.
How does life go on....will my grief ever get better? I know you will both look over me and keep us safe. Eternally young, always my precious, loved babies. See you in my dreams....
Love mummy xoxo
Our miracle IVF baby was lost to a Cornual Ectopic Pregnacy at 2.30pm on 20th December 2011 at 7 weeks.

I dont know if you were my longed for daughter, but I feel you were.

I will never forget you and I pray you will return to me in a future pregnancy.

You were taken from me too soon.

I love you forever and you're always in my heart

Love Mummy

To my precious little one who I never got to hold Mum and Dad love you so much
To our Precious little angle we never got to meet. Mummy & Daddy love you very much and will miss not being able to hold you in our arms. RIP and play with the angels xoxo
To our little angel who was
(6 weeks old)
taken away from us last week 21/4/2012.
Discovered having you was the greatest news in our lives but being told we can't keep you it was the saddest moment in our lives too. We'll always remember and missing you.
Love your mommy & daddy xxx
My little angel.
Taken away at 9w. We may never of got to hear your heartbeat or met you but you will always be in our hearts.
Dear Arianna,
I never got to meet you, my little angel. but, you were recognised and celebrated by my friends. You will never be forgotten and I will love and remember you forever xox
Baby Tichabaev, on the 1/09/11 you were taken from us at only 6 weeks gestation, we think of you every day, wishing that you were here, we were so excited that we had been gifted with another beautiful life! We hope to meet you one day on the other side. Lots of Love Always Mummy, Daddy and your big brother Jye xoxoxox
For my little sweet pea. Loved and lost too soon.
5 weeks Ectopic. I'll see you someday in heaven.
Love, Mummy
In memory of Baby O'Donnell
Lost on the 23/12/12 at 8 weeks due to a right tube Ectopic...
You're always in our hearts and even though you weren't with us for long we miss you so much xxx
Love from, Mummy & Daddy
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